Eight reasons against death penalty


(and not only American)


Death penalty is a human sacrifice, a ritualistic slaughter carried out in cold blood by the State.

It is a travesty of justice, a violation of the right to life, a torture and “nothing more than the purposeless and needless imposition of pain and suffering”.

It is rarely and arbitrarily enforced, “wantonly and freakishly imposed”, with little guaranties for the accused and a predilection to racial minorities.

It is a cancer for the Law and a “privilege” of the poor, because “capital punishment means that those without the capital get the punishment”.

It is an irreversible punishment that kills the insane and the innocent.

It is not self-defence, but revenge.

It is not a more effective deterrent than prison and makes worst the evil it pretends to cure, because death penalty brutalises and makes society more violent.

Sooner or later Americans will realise that capital punishment is an immoral, indecent, illegal, expensive, stupid, cruel, dangerous, racist, classist, arbitrary, capricious, inconsistent, not working violation of human rights, and that the “the death penalty experiment has failed”.

Claudio Giusti

NEVER FORGET: the fight for human rights and against the death penalty is the same all over the world.